@EUEagles RT @d3baseball: Eastern came back from 14 runs as our daily recap looks at games…

@EUEagles @SkippersDugout backstop built to protect dorms that are directly behind the field 25 feet- Hope…

@EUEagles @wagssid @d3baseball how long did that take?…

@EUEagles Our inventory of crooked numbers was put to the test today. #EUBAse http://t.co/p0SszgnkxI…

@EUEagles @SkippersDugout we almost ran out of fours.... http://t.co/r0fitDzaLe…



Eastern University has partnered with Stretch Internet to broadcast its home games this school year. Please click "Watch Now" below to view today's broadcast:

Click here to go to the portal and watch now! 

Thank you for tuning into Eagle Vision, where we bring Eastern University athletic events from our home to yours.

Connect with Live Stats for these events at http://www.goeasterneagles.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1804&Itemid=1

Talk about the game online--connect with @EUEagles on Twitter.




Eastern Vimeo Channel

Updated: Friday, 28 March 2014



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